University of Split (UNIST) (Coordinator)

The University of Split was officially established on 15 June 1974. As a predominant scientific and teaching public institution in the region the University of Split has expanded during the course of the past 45 years to include eleven Faculties, one Academy of Arts and four University Departments.

There are about 20,000 students enrolled in the University’s undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate programs. The focus of the research work carried out by the University is on scientific areas with reference to disciplines characterized by natural, biomedical, cultural, historical, social, economic and other features of the region as a part of the Croatian Adriatic and the Mediterranean region as a whole.

This involves the research and protection of art and construction heritage, philology, field crops, oceanography and fishing, Adriatic botany and zoology, island and coastal economy, Adriatic tourism, maritime law, nautical science, naval architecture and a range of other specific disciplines such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, electrical and mechanical engineering, social sciences, kinesiology, humanities, health sciences, forensics, all of which distinguish the University of Split, not only in Croatia but also beyond its borders.

Within ALMARS project two institutions are particularly involved: Maritime Faculty and Department of Marine Studies.

Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT)

Agricultural University of Tirana (AUT), founded in 1951, is the unique centre for undergraduate and graduate studies, scientific research, training and extension in the area of agriculture, food and environment. AUT is among the largest sector academic institutions in Albania – it includes 310 academic staff. Currently, the number of enrolled students is about 15,000.

AUT offers research and education at various levels: Bachelor, Master and PhD in various fields like animal production; horticulture; aquaculture and fisheries; environment sciences; integrated rural development; marketing; finance etc – which are the main focus fields for the development in Albania as well as for the western Balkans.

AUT offers a wide range of services through its numerous offices and other support units including the Office for Studies and Students, University Library, Experimental and Didactic Economy, Aquaculture and Didactic Economy Lab in Tapiza, the Plant Protection Lab, Institute for Plant Genetic Resources, the Food Research Centre, the Wood Processing Workshop, University’s Veterinary Clinic and Botanical Garden.

AUT is increasingly considered as a leading academic and research institution including rural development in Western Balkans – training scholars and experts from the region, eg. Kosovo, Macedonia and Montenegro as well as collaborating with other neighbouring countries, thanks to the immense support provided by EU, German government or USAID funded projects.

AUT has signed many bilateral agreements with partner institutions involved also in Erasmus+ Programmes (KA 1). As the number of students and graduates has increased, one of the priorities is building stronger bridges with the labour market.

AUT will be the leader of WP1 and WP4. It is project’s key partner from Albania, as it already carries educational programs related to marine field (eg. MSc in Aquaculture) and has strong collaboration with fishing industry. AUT is also very well informed on market situation and capacities of fishing sector in Albania. For this reason they are most competent to lead WP1 (Analysis of current status of marine fishery in Albania) and WP4 (Developing network for knowledge and information exchange among stakeholders active in marine fishery field in Albania). AUT will also participate in other work packages and will be the leader of several tasks, such as accreditation of joint professional master degree program in marine fishery and the implementation of it.


University of Vlora “Ismail Qemali” (UV)

University of Vlora (UV), established in 1994, is a public higher education institution located in south Albania. Its academic program is based on the Bologna Accord. Currently the university provides Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees, and doctoral program. UV gives a special emphasis in promoting and encouraging the international dimension of studies, learning and scientific research.

It is the most important Albanian maritime higher education institution. It has contributed to the preparation of Navigators for fishing vessels and Specialists for related sector. Currently UV is accredited and the maritime education departments are fully upgraded to the international standards of maritime education in accordance with the STCW Convention. Thanks to a series of projects with European partners such as NTNU Norway, University of Montenegro, University of Barcelona, University of Split, CMU, University of Slovenia etc. is equipped with laboratories and simulators in accordance with actual standards for maritime education.

UV holds Agreements with more than 30 Higher Education Institutions of EU countries and also with Universities in China and the Middle East. UV is also ranked among first Albanian Higher Education Institutions in terms of student mobility. UV is the only Albanian institution that has endorsed and undersigned The European Charter for Researchers and The Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers in October 2016.

UV has been/is partner in several EU projects (U3M Developing third mission activities in Albanian Universities – TEMPUS) and Erasmus Mundus Green-Tech –WB – innovative technologies 2014-2018. UV has already developed its own “Internationalization Strategy”. Main goal is internationalization, opening of the University in cooperation with European higher education institutions and participation in European research activities and projects.

Aleksandër Moisiu University of Durrës (UAMD)

Aleksandër Moisiu University in Durrës was established on 2005 and is one of 11 public universities in Albania. When the University opened its doors in the 2006-2007 academic year, one thousand of students from across the country started their studies. Today Aleksandër Moisiu University has about nineteen thousand students (19 000) and 6 main units: Faculty of Business, Faculty of Education, Faculty of information Technology, Faculty of Political Juridical Sciences, Faculty of Professional Studies and  Faculty of Integrated Studies with Practice (FASTIP).

This institution is based in the best western  academic experiences. The students are in the center of attention in all activities and services provided. The Aleksanër Moisiu University  brought a new mentality in the whole albanian higher educational system through a new method of program organization, university life, scientific research activities, links with the local community and academic world.

It is designed  as a university with innovation in teaching and learning.

Being the most experienced Albanian partner for dissemination, UAMD will coordinate WP6 dissemination of project’s result. It will be responsible for creating project’s identity and website, designing promotional materials, and overall animating and motivating target users. UAMD will also participate in WP3, improvement of its training centres and development of training courses, as well as WP2, particularly implementation of joint Professional Master degree program in Marine Fishery. 

Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM)

UNIVPM is a public teaching and research university, characterized by a technical-scientific vocation. UNIVPM offers Undergraduate and Graduate Degrees as well as PhD Courses in Agriculture, Engineering, Economics, Medicine and Biology, and Specialization Schools in Medicine and Surgery to about 17.000 students, with 700 professors and researchers, 650 administrative and technical employees.

Yearly, UNIVPM attracts students and researchers from all over the word. UNIVPM offers a number of university’s facilities endowed with up-to-date laboratories. UNIVPM is active within the framework of European Territorial Cooperation policy by implementing joint actions between international and local actors promoting a harmonious development.

UNIVPM participates to over 50 highly competitive European research projects (FP7, H2020) joining international collaboration and mobility. The Technology-transfer office which supports and advices on business and intellectual property create successful collaborative interactions with industry and society, protecting, evaluating and commercialising innovation.

UNIVPM cooperates with a wide range of public institutions supporting sound governance policies bridging public sector with the local endeavours and implementing territorial development projects, financed through EU, national or regional funds, with regards of the Regional Operational Programs (ERDF). In addition to that, executive secretariat of the Uniadrion (virtual network of universities in Adriatic Ionic region) is officially at the UNIVMP.

Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM), the most experienced partner in international scientific projects, will participate in development of joint professional master degree program sharing their knowhow and skills in field of marine sciences.

Fisheries and Aquaculture Services Directorate, Tirana (DSHPA)

The Institution “Fisheries and Aquaculture Services Directorate” Tirana, was established by VKM no. 719, dated 20.10.2011 “On the establishment, organization and functioning of the Directorate of Maritime and Fisheries, Saranda”, as amended. Subsequently, this institution is also provided for in Article 66 of Law no. 64/2012 “On Fishing”.

Pursuant to the law no. 64/2012 “Fisheries Law” as amended, VKM 44 dated 29.01.2014, VKM 585, dated 01.07.2015, as amended, our Directorate performs the following tasks: 1. Manages the fishing infrastructure, including ports and fishing centres. 2. Collects fishing records. 3. Drafts water repopulation programs. 4. Manages the purification centre and Sarandë mulch plants. 5. Manages fish farming economies in Zvezdë Korça, the Korana shrubs in Lin Pogradec. 6. Guarantees compliance with legal requirements in the field of fishery and aquaculture protection through monitoring and inspection of fishing and aquaculture activities. Monitoring and inspection of fishing activities are carried out by the fisheries monitoring and control sector, part of the Directorate of Fisheries and Aquaculture Services.

DSHPA, acting under Albanian Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, will provide up-to-date information for detailed analysis of current status of fishing industry in Albania, will take responsibility on maximum reach of stakeholders for networking event and panel discussion which will be used for the development of online platform. DSHPA will also host the web platform at the end of the project lifetime, guaranteeing the institutionalization of the system and the allocation of human resources in charge of its continuous maintenance.

AlbAdriatico2013 Ltd. – Vlora

Alb-Adriatico2013 LTD was founded in 2013. It is activity based on growing and selling fresh fish of aquaculture, represented mainly by sea bream and sea bass. Since its establishment, it has improved and transformed into one of the biggest aquaculture companies in Albania. Furthermore, all the activities performed in this company are in accordance with the up-to-date European standards and regulations, both in the sea and in land.

Staff members have many years of experience in the field of fish farming and marketing, and they are highly qualified based on all aspects of the work. Company has implemented all the necessary new technologies in order to maximize the quality of our fish, and at the same time to minimize the impact on the environment Company’s farm is located in the bay of Vlora, on the peninsula of Karaburun, only 3 km north to the ancient town of Orik.

The location is one of the best in the Albanian coast. Due to the vast area of the bay, the conditions are similar to the open sea with excellent parameters – high oxygen levels and ideal temperatures, alongside the protection provided by the bay and keeping the cages and the fish safe.

Alb-Adriatico2013 will participate in designing of new joint professional master degree curriculum with their market based knowledge. It will provide first-hand information on market needs of the marine fishery industry, which will be useful in developing curriculum and networking platform.

AlbaMar SHPK - Durrës
The ALBAMAR shpk. company was founded in September 1991. The object of the activity is fishing in the sea and lagoons of bottom fish and bivalve molluscs.
For years, the fishery product has been seen in the local and European market. The company exported to the EC market with the number 04. Today the company has 3 fishing boats. The company also has a fishing boat for clams.
The staff of the company in collaboration with foreign specialists has carried out over the years 2 evaluation studies on negotiable reserves of clams (venus gallina) on the Albanian coast. Albamar is also completing a new modern structure.
Albamar is a very important partner considering its contribution in designing of joint professional master degree in marine fishery’s courses for processing, storage, transport and quality of marine organisms. During implementation of the master program, students will visit company’s modern fishing vessels where they will observe using of fishing tools.
EUROFISH - International Organisation for the Development of Fisheries in CEE

Eurofish – has experience in executing a variety of projects in the fisheries sector, including promotion, communication, raising public awareness and dissemination of information activities. Eurofish brings high level contacts to European government institutions, industry, professional associations, especially in its member countries (Albania, Croatia, Denmark, Estonia, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain and Turkey).

Eurofish, disseminates fisheries and aquaculture related information through its website (, the in-house produced EUROFISH magazine, the EUROFISH Magazine website ( as well as through other specialised publications. Eurofish participates at international trade fairs and exhibitions and has a successful record in organising workshops, conferences, B2B meetings and other events in different parts of Europe.

Eurofish is experienced in producing complete communication and information materials from conceptual thinking to design, page setting, editing, proof reading, translation, pre-press, printing, and distribution. Eurofish has extensive experience in designing, developing and maintaining websites for different purposes ranging from simple sites to complex multilingual sites and platforms for sharing secure documents and e-trade. Eurofish has experience in a vast range of web related services (e.g. hosting, search engine optimisation, site and traffic analytics, etc.) and it also designs and distributes a selection of different electronic newsletters for ourselves and on behalf of other partners.

Eurofish has carried on series of surveys, including data collection, interviews with stakeholders; data analysis and management; methodology writing; analysis, including micro and macro-economic, social, financial, institutional and legal aspects, conclusions and drafting of recommendations.

They will participate in: WP1 – Analysis of the fishing industry by collecting necessary data, making some surveys for Albania and reporting them in the project; WP4- Developing network for knowledge exchange in Blue Growth by hosting study visit of all project partners and using developed network; WP6 – Dissemination activities and publishing project’s results and deliverables in Eurofish Magazine; WP7 – Management due to their experience in executing integrated projects.

Associated Partner

UNIADRION - Association of Universities of the Adriatic-Ionian area

UniAdrion is an association of universities and research centres of the Adriatic-Ionian area established in 2000 with the purpose to create a permanent connection among these institutions, within the framework of the Adriatic-Ionian Initiative.

The purpose of UniAdrion is the collaboration between universities and research centres with the aim of strengthening international cooperation and of favouring the progress of culture, science, training and research in the countries of the Adriatic-Ionian basin.

The association comprises about 40 members located in the following countries: Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia.

UniAdrion promotes scientific-academic cooperation mainly through the implementation of teaching and research initiatives, such as training courses, post-graduate diplomas, summer schools, joint research projects. The cooperation is focused on different topics, coherent with the pillars of the EU Strategy for the Adriatic-Ionian Region (EUSAIR): blue growth, connecting the region, environmental quality, sustainable tourism and cultural heritage, societal challenges, economic and policy analysis.


Project activities have been grouped in the following work packages:

  1. Analysis of current status of fishing industry in Albania
    1.1 Analysis of the existing educational resources in marine fishery field at universities in Albania
    1.2 Analysis of the fishing industry in Albania
  2. Curriculum development of joint professional master program in marine fishery
    2.1. Knowledge exchange with the EU partner institutions
    2.2. Development, accreditation and implementation of new curriculum
  3. Improving maritime training centres at UV and establishing maritime training centres at UAMD
    3.1. Study visits at maritime universities and training centres in EU countries
    3.2. Designing the new and refreshing basic and advanced courses for seafarers at UV and UAMD. Setting up of the training polygon for Firefighting and safety of Life at Sea.
    3.3. Equipment and literature procurement
    3.4. Accreditation/approval of the courses by Academic Senates and Albanian Maritime General Directory
  4. Developing network for knowledge and information exchange among stakeholders active in marine fishery field in Albania
    4.1 Panel discussions, interviewing stakeholders and specifications of the requirements for development of network
    4.2 Development of the online platform
    4.3 Networking events for platform testing and clarifying the platform use
    4.4 Collecting relevant literature for marine fishery field and uploading it on the platform
  5. Quality Plan
    5.1 Quality committee developing quality monitoring plan
    5.2. Regular reports on the project activities
    5.3. Quality evaluation reports
    5.4. External quality report
  6. Dissemination and exploitation
    6.1. Dissemination plan
    6.2. Creating project identity and website
    6.3. Producing & printing promotional material
    6.4. Designing & publishing newsletters and press releases
    6.5. Organizing main conference
  7. Project management
    7.1. Kick off meeting
    7.2. Creating management plan
    7.3. Project management meetings
    7.4. Preparing and submitting mid-term progress report and final report