Joint Professional Master in Aquaculture and Marine Fisheries at: “Aleksander Moisiu” University of Durres, Agriculture University of Tirana and “Ismail Qemali”
University of Vlora.

The Joint professional Master is opened through the order No. 580, date. 04.10.2022 of the Albanian Ministry of Education and Sports, in the frame of the EU funded Project “Capacity building for Blue
Growth and curriculum development of Marine Fishery in Albania” (, under the lead of Split University, Croatia and Polytechnic University of Marche, Italy.
Aquaculture is the field of study related to the farming and processing of aquatic organisms (such as fish or shellfish), especially for food consumption. Fishery is the industry of catching and processing these
aquatic organisms. A Master’s Degree in Aquaculture and Marine Fisheries develops an understanding of aquaculture principles and practices in nutrition and water quality, reproduction and genetics, hatchery
management, ecology and physiology, husbandry and production, health management and disease
control, products quality, aquaculture system and technology, experimental design and statistics for biology, fisheries biology and management, and bio-business. Graduates from Aquaculture, Fisheries, Environment and Water related sciences, Biology, Economy and Blu Economy Related Sciences, who may attend this master’s degree, manage and regulate fisheries, fish farms and fishing activities and processing.

  • Common jobs of the sector include:
     Fishing,
     Fish farm management,
     Fingerling husbandry
     Fish processing,
     Marine biology,
     Aquatic research and conservation.