A joint meeting initiated by Erasmus+ CBHE Project Office, with participation of all Project Partners has been carried out yesterday at the premises of Vlora University aiming the monitoring of Project activities implementation in due time.

Project Implementation assessment was focused to the following topics:

  • Implementation of activities per each project Work package
  • Budgetary issues
  • Visibility, dissemination, and publicity
  • Equipmentfurniture and respective procurement procedure progress
  • Mobility activities/ Staff trained / students’ mobility
  • Sustainability, impact and exploitation strategy
  • Status of the project


In this regard all partners reported their input in the implementation of respective Project Work packages. Specifically, UAMDInstitutional Coordinator, Prof. Ass. Osman Metalla, attended the meeting online and reported the Project progress related to the work packages under its responsibility as follows:

Work package 2: Analysis of current status of fishing industry in Albania

2.1. Knowledge exchange with EU partner institutions – UAMD has shared the existing related curricula with partners.

2.2. Development of new curricula – UAMD has attended all joint working meetings and contributed to the preparation of new joint master curricula.

Work package 3: Improving maritime training centers at UV and establishing maritime training centres at UAMD

3.1. Study visits at maritime universities and training centers in EU countries– UAMD has attended the study visits carried out in Split University, Split fish processing industries, fishing vessels, etc.

3.2. Designing the new and refreshing basic and advanced courses for seafarers at UV and UAMD. Setting up of the training polygon for Firefighting and safety of Life at Sea– UAMD project team members and UV project team members have cooperated successfully for the identification and definition of relevant courses included into the Joint Master Curricula. UV and UAMD are in continuous communication in relation to project activities they are responsible for.

3.3. Equipment and literature procurement– the list of needed equipment and literature has been prepared and delivered to the Lead University; Respective budget has been allocated to UAMD. Procurement procedure is on-going.

3.4. Accreditation/approval of the courses by Academic Senates and Albanian Maritime General Directory– UAMD academic senate has approved the future joint master courses.

Work package 6: Dissemination and exploitation

6.1. Dissemination plan– UAMD has prepared and delivered within the deadline the dissemination plan.

6.2. Creating project identity and website– UAMD has prepared the project logo (approved by all partners), designed, prepared the project website (content discussed and approved by all partners); UAMD maintains and updates periodically the project website (www.almars-project.eu)

6.3. Producing & printing promotional material– UAMD has presented and promoted ALMARS project in different events such as Erasmus+ Info Day and Europe Week Albania.


6.4. Designing & publishing newsletters and press releases– Participation in different promotional activities has included the preparation, production and dissemination of promotional materials related to ALMARS Project. In addition, press articles have been published aiming the promotion of the project. All the promotional and other activities that UAMD/ALMARS project has joined are reflected in the project website (http://almars-project.eu/category/news/).

6.5. Organizing main conference– planned for the end of the project.

Photo1. Joint Meeting with participation of ALMARS Partner and Erasmus+CBHE Project Office Representatives