The University of Split organised the third online meeting within WP2 and WP3 with participants from: P1 – UNIST: prof Alen Soldo, prof Nikola Račić, prof Zdeslav Jurić and Ms Aleksandra Banić; P2 – AUT, prof Rigers Bakiu; P3 –UV: prof Kristofor Lapa, prof Agron Dukaj, prof Erald Aliko; and P4 – UAMD, prof Osman Metalla. Partners discussed the current state of work packages WP2 and WP3, delayed with implementation due to very difficult Covid-19 pandemic conditions. Team members expressed their commitment to the achievement of the project results regardless of the very difficult times and postponement of study visits and live work. They agreed on the next steps of work and cooperation on WPs. The meeting was held on October 16th 2020 and lasted one hour and a half.