Capacity building for Blue Growth and curriculum development of Marine Fishery in Albania

Enhancing the Marine Fishery industry in Albania


What is ALMARS?

ALMARS is a three-year Erasmus+ capacity building project (Key Action 2) with a focus on Enhancing the Marine Fishery industry in Albania.

Coordinated by the University of Split, the project will responds to the increased demand in skilled personnel in the fishing industry in Albania by opening a professional Master Program in the field of marine fisheries.

ALMARS will also address the national priorities of enhancing university-enterprise cooperation (thus fostering graduates employability) and improving the quality of education in Albania by developing in the beneficiary universities the graduates’ platform, improving of educational supply and the matching of the demand for and supply of qualified labour in the Blue Growth sectors.

ALMARS runs from January 2019 until January 2022.

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The development of a new joint professional Master Degree in Marine Fishery that will meet market needs
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Curriculum will provide students with theoretical knowledge and practical skills that are required by the labour market needs in that segment, which will have a positive impact on employability of students and matching of the demand for and supply of qualified labour in the Blue Growth sector. Furthermore, the new curriculum will offer more practice oriented opportunities than some previous study programmes, which will have a positive impact on the university-enterprise cooperation, opening door to new research opportunities and in general the exchange of knowledge and information among industry stakeholders and the academics. In long run, this can increase Albania’s competitiveness in marine fishery industry and internationalization of its products and know-how.

Enhancement of collaboration among Blue Growth stakeholders through the development of networking platform

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The creation of the networking platform which will unite all stakeholders active in marine fishery field, from education institutions, graduated students, private business and organizations, will further contribute to that since it will provide the stakeholders with opportunities for new partnerships, the exchange know-how, the access to most actual market information, trends, qualified staff and/or employment opportunities.

Improvement of maritime training centres which provide professional training to seafarers operating on fishing vessels.

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Improving the maritime training centre for professional seafarers operating on fishing vessels is another objective of the project since it allows us to penetrate and shape the marine fishery industry from another angle which is the field of exploitation and fishing. The current state of the training centres are not in accordance with IMO standards and EU legislation, for which reason currently trained seafarers do not own competences and skills which are recognized internationally and/or satisfy safety needs, environmental concerns or overall maritime security standards. Developing new basic and advanced courses for seafarers that are in accordance with IMO standards would have positive impact on environment protection, improving fishing and exploitation efficiency and international collaboration opportunities.



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New article/ Checklist of Marine Fishes of Albania

New article/ Checklist of Marine Fishes of Albania

Checklist of marine fishes of Albania By Alen SOLDO  and Rigers BAKIU. This paper presents an updated checklist of marine fishes of Albania and the first one published in the English language. The checklist contains 262 species compiled from published literature and...

Scientific Paper Publication by ALMARS PROJECT

Scientific Paper Publication by ALMARS PROJECT

ALMARS project members have published recently the scientific paper entitled “THE FIRST RECORD OF KITEFIN SHARK DALATIAS LICHA IN ALBANIAN WATERS”. The paper is prepared by Nexhip HYSOLAKOJ, Rigers BAKIU and Alen SOLDO, and published in the scientific journal Annales,...